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USS Barb (SS-220): American Submarine War Patrol Reports

Among the most successful of all American fleet type submarines, USS Barb made a total of twelve war patrols, five in the Atlantic, operating out of Rosneath, Scotland, and seven in the Pacific. During the course of the war, Barb was credited with sinking a total of 26 enemy ships, including the escort aircraft carrier Unyo.

During her final five war patrols, under the command of Eugene B. Fluckey, Barb set a record for innovation and aggressiveness unmatched in the submarine service. In a series of rocket attacks during Patrol 12, Barb became the first American submarine to launch rockets in combat. During the same patrol, volunteer saboteurs slipped ashore on the Japanese mainland and blew up a coastal train, in the process becoming the only Americans to “invade” Japan during the entire war. An incursion into Namkwan Harbor, on the China coast, during the eleventh war patrol, earned the Medal of Honor for Fluckey.

This volume contains the complete text of the 12 war patrol reports filed by Barb’s wartime commanding officers.Also included is a Foreword by former Barb officer Everet P. Weaver, an Introduction, and extensive notes.

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