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U.S.S. Cod (SS-224)

Today tied up on the Cleveland, Ohio waterfront, where she serves as a memorial and museum, U.S.S. Cod is the lowest numbered surviving World War II American fleet type submarine. During the war, Cod made a total of seven war patrols, operating from bases in Australia, Hawaii and Guam.

This volume contains the complete text of the war patrol reports submitted by Cod's three wartime commanding officers, Commander James C. Dempsey, Commander James A. Adkins, and Lieutenant Commander Edwin M. Westbrook, Jr. During her seven war patrols, Cod was credited with sinking 13 ships, for a total of 51,100 tons (reduced post war to 8 ships and 26,999 tons).

Among the incidents contained in these patrol reports is the 26 April 1945 after torpedo room fire, which resulted in Cod's only personnel loss when two men were washed overboard and only one recovered. Also related is the rescue of the crew of the Dutch submarine O-19, which had run aground on Ladd Reef.

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USSCod.org is the official website for the Cleveland Coordinating Committee for Cod, which operates the historic submarine as a museum and memorial, open to the public daily from May through September.

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