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Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker’s 1897 epistolary novel, Dracula, is the bank from which nearly all more recent vampire stories are drawn. The story of the Transylvanian count, transplanted to London, has been filmed countless times, dramatized on stage, and generally become the standard reference when it comes to fictional vampires.

Our edition of Dracula includes a Foreword by popular novelist and editor, J.T. McDaniel, along with over 170 explanatory notes. Originally published in 1897, Dracula has never been out of print. Our edition has been carefully edited for electronic media, and includes the complete text. Notes provide translations of foreign quotations, definitions of unfamiliar terms, and occasionally speculation as to just why something is happening. Stoker included a surprisingly large number of actual places, firms, and even people in this novel. With our edition, you'll now be able to recognize them, and perhaps learn a little bit about who, or what, they were.

Digital edition published by CEB Pubs.

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