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License a Play

With the exception of public domain works, the performance of any of the plays listed on this website requires a license from Riverdale Literary Holdings, Inc., CPC Theatrical, or from the author of that play. Purchase of a script does not include a license to perform the play, but note that issuance of a performance license includes the requirement that the producer purchase a minimum fixed number of scripts (normally one for each performer, plus scripts for the director, stage manager, lighting operator, sound designer, costume designer, and set designer). Touring companies must execute a separate license for each venue. All of our shows require a license with the exception of:

King John

To apply for a license, or to inquire as to cost, please use the form below.

License Application / Inquiry

First Rehearsal:

First Performance:

Last Performance

All licensees are reminded that absolutely no changes may be made in any of our plays without the written permission of the playwright. This includes any changes in dialogue (including cutting any profane, heretical, racist, or other language), setting, period, ethnicity, or any other major or minor changes. Violation of this provision may result in cancellation of license.