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Non-Fiction Books

The Life of
Lord Nelson

Robert Southey

Tango Charlie

Tommy Cox

Up From the Deep:
The Return

Robert K. Harmuth

Sailing Alone
Around the World

Joshua Slocum

Eighteen Sermons
Two Divrei Torah

Rabbi Yaakov
ben Avrohom

More on Theistic
Other Essays

J.T. McDaniel

Non-fiction covers a lot of territory. We have biography, history, a bit of philosophy and religion, and many other subjects. A few are available only as digital books, offered in Amazon’s Kindle format by our friends at CEB Pubs. A few listed here aren’t available yet, and are still in the midst of the editing process.

While we do publish some of the old books that were once considered current on topics such as psychic training and supernatural phenomena, readers need to be aware that we also do our best to debunk them in the process.

Thoughts on the
Various Cults

Rabbi Yaakov
ben Avrohom

Voyage of the

Charles Darwin

Through the
Brazilian Wilderness

Theodore Roosevelt

The Grand Cañon
on the Colorado

John Muir

The New Revelation

Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle

Second Sight