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Privacy Policy

Riverdale Books, an imprint of Riverdale Literary Holdings, Inc., does not sell or release any personal information about website visitors or customers to any third party, except where such information is necessary for the completion of a customer initiated transaction, or when disclosure is required by court order, subpoena, writ, or other legal compulsion.

Mailing list subscription lists are used solely for the purpose of informing our customers and other interested parties about new releases. We do not and will not sell these lists to any third party, nor will they be supplied to anyone except when compelled for legal reasons.

Riverdale Books does not sell directly from this site. Clicking on sales and certain other links will take you to external web sites, and any transactions or actions on those external sites are governed by the privacy policies of those sites. All sales initiated on this site will be completed on sites owned and governed by Amazon.com, PayPal, Barnes & Noble, Selz, or other third party sellers or payment processors.