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USS Wahoo (SS-238)

One of the most successful American boats of World War II, Wahoo was credited with sinking 20 enemy ships for a total of 60,038 tons. This volume contains the complete text of the official reports submitted by her two commanding officers, Marving G. Kennedy and Dudley W. "Mush" Morton. Because Wahoo was lost with all hand while exiting the Sea of Japan on her seventh war patrol, an excerpt from the Navy's United States Submarine Losses: World War II is included in place of that missing patrol report.

Also includes an Introduction, notes, and additional material, including an article on the problems with the Mark 14 torpedo, which were to prove so frustrating for Wahoo during her sixth war patrol.

This edition replaces our olderAmerican Submarine War Patrol Reports: U.S.S. Wahoo (SS-238), originally published in 2003, and now out of print.

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