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The Alukam

Thorough, committed research and descriptive scenes of sex and murder propel this novel to the top of my favorites list. The Alukam is a book I recommend to all lovers of murder/mystery.
Carrie White, eBook Reviews Weekly

This is an excellent police procedural novel [with] a cunning, centuries old serial killer. [This] book will certainly satisfy the lovers of vampire fiction, adding an entirely new chapter to an already huge vampire mythology, and at the same time will intrigue the mystery lovers with it's realistic approach.
Linda Suzane, MidnightBlood.com

When the sunny tranquility of Port Morrow Beach is shattered by the discovery of the bloodless corpse of a beautiful young woman it's up to Detective David Schneider to solve the mystery. Before long it becomes clear that they have a serial killer on their hands, and the media screaming "vampire murders." Yet no one suspects the truth—that sometimes sensation-mongering journalists are right, and Schneider is searching for a murderer whose crimes date back to the 17th Century.

Author Jacob Thomson has successfully combined the matter of fact style of the police procedural with a frankly erotic story spanning hundreds of years, and an Orthodox Jewish cop who has more than enough problems even without having to contend with a 300 year old vampire.

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