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The PaxAm Solution

Steven R. Bartman

THE SOLUTION. Created from a deactivated Ft. Bragg, NC, PaxAm is a sprawling, revolutionary prison camp for savage convicts, guarded by deadly machines and run as a world independent of America. Its embittered warden, former Marine Colonel Dwight Renfro, metes out brutal justice as he struggles to rebuild his own shattered life.

THE PROBLEM. Into this cruel environment come ruthless international arms dealer Gunter Zeiss, bent on revenge against the United States… and with billions of dollars to bend a huge inmate army to his will.

THE CRISIS. In a night of horrifying conflict the nation’s worst nightmare is realized. As the storm gathers, Renfro, the tiny Marine Corps Reaction Force, and the FBI must all face the unthinkable… an all-out assault on American soil.

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