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Life of Nelson

Robert Southey (1774 - 1843), while not a sailor—he was, in fact, poet laureate of England from 1813 until his death—was a contemporary of Horatio Nelson, and published his biography in 1813, only a few years after the great admiral's death in battle at Trafalgar on 21 October 1805. Sometimes a bit overblown, and blatantly patriotic, Southey relates the events of Nelson's life from childhood until his death in a fine, clear prose style.

In many ways, this is a surprisingly modern biography, and portrays a thoroughly human Nelson, warts, occasional bouts of pettiness, prejudices, and Emma Hamilton included. Southey shows a Nelson who, from a very early age, was both a natural leader and quite—sometimes overly—confident in his abilities and judgment in nearly any situation. The incident where Nelson, still a teenaged midshipman, went polar bear hunting, provides only one of many examples.

Our edition has been carefully edited, with the insertion of modern paragraphing to make reading easier for the contemporary reader. Southey's original sentence structure and punctuation, however, remains intact.

While Southey's original readers would have been familiar with both nautical terminology and contemporary events, copious notes have been provided for the benefit of modern readers, along with an Introduction by editor J.T. McDaniel.

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