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The Life of Horatio, Lord Nelson

Robert Southey

Originally published in 1813, The Life of Horatio, Lord Nelson, is one of the classics of early biography. The author, Robert Southey, was appointed Poet Laureate of England in the same year he published this book.

Still regarded as England’s greatest naval hero, Vice Admiral Nelson is here depicted by a contemporary biographer, who had access to many of the people who knew Nelson intimately. This biography was, in fact, sometime criticized by contemporaries as being perhaps a little too accurate when it came to Nelson’s faults, which were considered to include Lady Hamilton among them (though Southey really didn’t say that much about her).

Our edition has been carefully edited by popular novelist and naval historian J.T. McDaniel, and includes a new Introduction and copious notes, making this one of the best modern editions of Southey’s classic work.

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